Firstly ; About the port :


The port is situated at the Northern entrance of the Suez Canal, on the international navigation route, in the middle of trade route between North and South, located at the crossroad of the most important world sea trade route Between East and Europe via Suez Canal, moreover it's the most important hub port in the world.

The port is bordered, seaward, by an imaginary line extending  from the western breakwater boundary till the eastern breakwater end from the seaward direction. And from the southern side, it is bordered by an imaginary line extending alongside the Suez Canal width from the end of connection channel till the eastern side of Suez Canal bypass.






Port Said Port boundaries

Secondly : detailed information:


Long: 32o 18' E             Lat: 31o  15'N

Time Zone                    GMT +2

UNCTAD Code:            EGPSD

The port's code:

ISPS Identification number 14867

IMO identification number 040009


Wave code:

Channel 13     inside the port

Channel 16     international call

Approach area:

  Vessels approaching the port head for the anchorage area ( prompt white flashing bouy with

  yellow and black horizontal strips) .

  The area is situated between :

  Lat 31o   21o  N and 31o   25o  N

  Long 32o   16o  E and 32o   20o  N



Dwelling Area:

 Lat        31 21 N and 31 25 N

 L   32 16.2 E and 32 20.6 E.


The dwelling area is divided into two sections:

  1. The Northern Area located between latitudes 31 23.4 N and 31 24.8 N and longitudes 32 16.2 E and 32 20.2 E, allocated for vessels with deep drafts.

  2. The Southern Area located between latitudes 31 21.3 N and 31 22 N and longitudes
    32 16.2 E and 32 20.6 E, for all vessel types.


Pilotage is compulsory in Port Said port, and it is performed by the Suez Canal Authority upon notices made by Port Said Port Authority.   


Navigation Channel:

        The ship is to sail on 217.5 line – entry to the port.

Allowable Draft (s) for ship to call Port West:

           Maximum draught is 42.6 ft (13 m), vessel of fifth Generation, about 6000 TEUs.   



Port Specifications


Engineering Features (Coastal and Land area)

Total port Area                        3, 000, 895 sq. m

Total coastal area                    1,733, 800sq. m

Total land area                        1,267,095


Productivity Features

Design Capacity             14.971 million tons / year

Max. Ship Size               13.2 m. draft-vessels

Working Hours               24 hour a day including off / holidays.



·         Suez Canal Arsenal Dock yard.

·         Port Said Engineering Marine Works Company Yard.

·         Canal Co. for Marine Constructions. 


Dry and Floating Dock Yard:  

        Two Floating units (docks) owned by Suez Canal Authority.



        Ships bunkering/ water/ food supply by ship suppliers inside the port or at the waiting area.


Tug Service:

        Tug service is supplied by Suez Canal tugs,



       The port applies ISPS and PSC procedures .

Rails/ Roads/ Airports: 

       The Port is connected by International Highways and National Railways network, with main cities and the port is a – 5- kilometers from Port Said Airport.


Port Description " Facilities and Services "

a) Specialized Terminals and berths:

Port Said Port has multi-activities terminals/ berths: Dry Bulk/ Container Terminal/ General Cargo/ RORO/ Yachts berth/ Cruise Passengers Terminal, in addition to warehouses and yards on a vast area. Such multi- activities helped in increasing productivity rates, cost economized operation and high performance.



1- Dry Bulk Terminal:

          The terminal is composed of (1) two berths, with total length of 245.7 meters, to receive ships with 42ft draught. It has some 26 convoying suckers. The terminal is attached silos and warehouses at area of 30275 SM, able to acquire some (2) millions tons.


2- Container Terminal and Multi Purposes berths:

            The terminal has (8) berth, 947.3 m length, able to receive ships up to fifth generation, with 42.6 ft depth. The berths are equipped with some (7) gantry cranes, with 60 tons capacity. Total area of the terminal is 435 thousand square meters, 700 thousands TEUs capacity. The terminal is also supplied with reefer and plugs.   



3- Cruise terminal:

            The Passenger terminal has three berths with total length of 400 meters. Ships with 200 m length, and 10 m draught can be received. In addition, there is a jetty (mooring area) of 325 meters length, which can receive ships with length 200 m – 300m, and 35ft draught. The Passenger terminal has well furnished and equipped reception halls.       




4- Yacht Berth/ Yachting  d

At a very wonderful and most safe and secure location, Port Said port prepared Arsenal berth for yachts calling. It is able to receive yachts, more than 70 yachts, with length ranges from 13-18m. The berth is equipped with bathroom/ fresh water/ electricity chargers/lighting/ customs and Immigration service. Thanks to the best service, security and friendly and warm reception, the berth became the destination for many International Yacht Rallies, which call the port regularly.  


RORO Terminal

            A berth with 40 m width to receive by stern RORO ships, with length of 125 m and 27 ft draught.



General Cargo Terminal:

            Some (7) berths, with total length of 940 meters, able to receive ships with draught of 27 ft. These berths can receive livestock and frozen goods ships.


B ) Re-export Activity :

            Re export purpose goods can be stored at the port' warehouses and yards, against re-export fees.


D ) Transshipment :

            In order to multiply the sources of its revenues, taking full advantage of the strategic location of its ports, Port Said Port Authority is very keen to apply new approaches to attract goods and ships.

            For this end, Port Said Port Authority provided all facilities, supplies, warehouses needed to handle transshipment goods, transiting at its ports and providing, with a view to make its ports as hub distribution centers in the Middle East.

 Investment Opportunities in Port Said Port

-    Warehousing activity for transshipment goods (East side - Port Fouad) .

-   Construction of Agricultural goods exportation terminal .

-   Dockyard Construction .

Infrastructure and public utilities (water/ electricity/ sanitary/ road.. etc) are all available for the lands and area.


Development Port Expansion




Future Expansion/ Development :

-     Expansion of the backer land of the port, after integration of new areas of about 0.5 million Square meters.

-     Increasing the depth alongside the container terminal to receive large ships.

-     Introduction of electronic management of port Operation (procedures simplification) to shorten the roundabout of the ship in the port.

-     Increasing infrastructure and replacement of infrastructures and movement areas ... etc , if needed, to cope with the targeted expansion

Port’s Compliance with




Natural Characteristics:

Weather                    Mild.

Water Density            1.025 (g/cm2 )

Raining Season          Winter

Tidal range and flow  0.3m.


Navigation Channels:

Main Channel           8 km. Length, 13.72m. depth

East Verge Channel  19.5 km. length, 18.29m. depth

Port Said Port

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